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Page 36 - by Aja

Page 35 - by Ping

Page 34 - by Andrael

Page 33 - by Colby

Page 32 - by Aja

Page 31 - by Zak

Page 30 - by J. Harper

Page 29 - by Colby

Page 28 - by Ping

Page 27 - by Andrael

Page 26 - by Kate

Page 25 - by Aja

Page 24 - by Zak

Page 23 - by J. Harper

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Page 1 - by Colby


by Tomoyo Ichijouji

Extras and Banners

Golden Goes Ars Nouveau - by J. Harper

Los Interludos - by Aja

Foxy Brown - by Zak

Hair-Care for Discriminating Penguins - by J. Harper

Enjoy our banners. Thoroughly.

The Players:

Aja - Author of True Magic, and all around great artist.

Andrael - Author of No Rest For the Wicked, winner of numerous webcomic awards, and someone who probably found this project an easy walk on familiar territory.

Colby - Author of Lint, and basically the administrator behind all of this mess.

J. Harper - Author of Feyenne and The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe, which picked up a a nice little WCC award for best black and white webcomic.

Kate - Author of Darken, and everybody likes Kate. Everybody!

Ping - Author of The Longest Sojourn, with a very unique style using chinese brushes.

Zak - Author of Flatwood, and all-around hilarious guy.

An Introduction:

Way back in 2005 or so, I got the crazy idea to ask several of the humorous and/or excessively creative fantasy webcomic artists I knew of around the world if they wanted to join with me in a collaboration of sorts. I was honestly surprised to my toes when they all responded with characteristic enthusiasm (perhaps little knowing what was in store for them).

The pitch was this: We take a fairy tale and loosely narrate it a page at a time, taking turns in a round, but mostly just throwing in crazy crap whenever we could.

The fairy tale we've used is The Golden Bird by the Brothers Grimm. At times we all worked on it at a frenetic pace, but as the years went on and we all got busy with other things, it naturally slowed down. So, finally, this is a body of work that shows how all seven of us have evolved as artists, humorists, and storytellers.

Thanks for reading.